4th of July fun

We spent the day yesterday with family and friends.  It was the perfect 4th of July!  We started out the morning on the lake going for boat rides, tubing, and wake boarding.

It was a sunny, hot, muggy day and temperatures were supposed to get into the 90's.  Luckily, the party we were heading to was just around the corner from us and still on the lake so we had lots of swimming, boating and a nice breeze to keep us comfortable and cool all day long.

My husband and I have known these friends of ours since we were kids ourselves and so, while technically friends, they feel more like family.  There are always new people to meet, new foods to eat and new experiences to be had.

The boys have been looking forward to this party for a few weeks now and bolted right out of the car as soon as we arrived.  They swam, and swam, and swam.  I had to beg them to get out of the water and eat.  I had to force them to sit in the shade for a very late lunch and dry off enough to put on more sunscreen.  They had mild sunburns on their faces, but no one wanted to get out of the sun.

They made new friends, went tubing, paddle boating, kayaking and played, played, played.

It was the perfect summer fun day.  They were allowed to eat whatever they wanted (which is why Evan choose chips, Doritoes, Cheetos, and a brownie for lunch!), go on as many boat rides and tube rides as they could and just have fun.

Evan has dinner with a new friend-- the dog!

Kayak for three
Kayak for two

Giant bubbles and bubble wands-- homemade!  Here is the recipe for the bubbles
One of the best parts, the part we were waiting for all evening, was the fireworks.  Many of us parents bring glow sticks (and a few brought sparklers) so the kids glow from head to toe (literally many kids have necklaces, bracelets, anklets and just look like glowing bodies from a distance).

We sit down to watch what most people would assume was a professional fire works display.  It was breezy so mosquitoes weren't even that bad this year and we were extra surprised to find that at least 4 other places around the lake were setting off fireworks too.  We saw a constant barrage of fireworks and stayed until the boys were no longer interested in them. 



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