How to Make Fizzing Firecracker Goop

We had a pretty lousy start to our day and after lots of frustration and tears we were looking for something fun to do.  I told the boys we could explore and play with fizzing goop.

My boys love goop; it's a simple mixture of cornstarch and water and it lends itself quite nicely to exploration.  Those non- Newtonian liquids are always so neat!

I brought out some cornstarch and pop rocks and we set about making fizzing, fire cracking goop!  

I divided one entire box of cornstarch into two bowls and added one packet of pop rocks to each bowl.

Even before we added the water we could hear some crackling sounds.

Once Ian poured the water in though it was really cool.  We heard popping, fizzing, and crackling sounds.  The boys said they could even feel the pop rocks fizzing as they stuck their hands in the goop to play with it.

My oldest even swears that the goop smelled differently.  Since so much water was added to the goop, it wasn't all that goopy and they soon lost interest in playing with it.

You want to make sure you don't add too much water to your cornstarch.  Typically I add a bit as I stir it together.  You know the goop is ready when it looks like a liquid but the spoon leaves trails and marks through the material.  Those marks fill themselves in quite quickly.

It's both solid feeling and yet acts more like a liquid.

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