Homeschool Group Field day!

I think my kids were getting pretty bummed hearing about all the field day fun all their friends have been having at school.  They remember field day quite fondly and really who can blame them?  

One thing our local school really does well is field day.  A full day just focused on fun, water, and games.  

That's why I was so thankful to receive an invite to a homeschool field day!  

Really, the homeschooling community is amazing.  I have seen events from proms, to field days, to field trips-- anything you can find at your local school you can usually find through a local homeschool group if you look hard enough. 
I had the boys wear their bathing suits, since field day was taking place at a local pond,  I knew the kids would end up swimming anyway.  We packed up our lunches and headed out.  I was a bit nervous since I didn't know anyone in this homeschooling circle yet but I was determined to have fun with the boys, even if they didn't seem determined to have fun themselves.

Honestly, while packing up this morning you would have thought I had told them I was taking them to a torture chamber for the day.  Ian was all upset that no foods containing nuts were allowed and he was freaking out about what he'd be eating for the day (which, since he eats ham sandwiches, I wasn't sure what the problem was anyway), Evan decided he couldn't do any of the field day activities since he wouldn't be any good them-- that just left Alec, who was very excited to go and participate.  I figured they were all nervous too and it was coming out as complaints instead...

I think we made it about 5 minutes before hitting the water
We took over the whole beach.  I couldn't believe how many families showed up and the boys all made friends in no time!

They participated in almost all of the events and we all had the best time!

We even found a few familiar faces in the crowd.  There were so many events planned that it took several hours before we finished playing all the games.  We often broke the groups up into 8+ and 8 under; often even breaking them into further groups of boys and girls.

 I ended up taking 65 pictures!  I won't share them all but be warned; I'm sharing a lot of them.  They were just too cute not to. 

50 yard dash-- boys 8+

All the girls getting ready for their change at the 25 yard dash-- 8+ category

25 yard dash for the under 8 category-- Alec had a good lead until he tripped and fell. 

Look at them go!  Evan was happy to participate

Taking a break to dig in the sand

The potato sack race-- with real potato sacks!

Alec came in second!

Alec got roped into the three- legged race 8+ category

And came in second with his partner! 

Look at that teamwork! 

Evan and Alec pair up for the under 8 category-- I just loved seeing these big smiles! 

And did pretty well!

Ian found some people to help him dig a huge hole! 

Egg toss! 

Just a few left

Ian and his partner make it into the last toss!
Beanbag toss

Alec tries to throw the beanbags onto the plate

Evan's turn!
Time for the egg/spoon relay
Alec cheers on his team!
Alec participates in the Long Jump-- 52"! 

The kids take a break to play in the water and sand. 

The water balloon toss was very popular and all three of my kids found their own partners

Evan tries to catch and misses

Alec and his partner try again after the game has ended.

A bunch of the kids pile into the water and start splashing and playing

Time for my boys' favorite event-- pie eating contest (choc. cream pie!--YUM!)
Ian wins

First, second and third place winners of the 8+ category

Under 8's turn

The boys eagerly dig in

And Alec comes in second. 

But the best-- was Evan.. his plate kept moving away

So he moved with it

Until he was lying on the tabletop! We were laughing so hard.

The first, second, and third place winners of this round

Back in the water they go. 
I hear an excited "We're in here-- come here!"  So I walked into the playroom to find all three boys staring out the window.  "LOOK!  A turtle. I think she's laying her eggs in the stones."   They were right.

We watched her from the window while she laid eggs, covered them up, and made her way back down to the beach.  The boys are concerned that we might step on the eggs and break them so they are brainstorming ways to mark the area where she laid her eggs that would still allow the baby turtles to make their way to the water once they hatch.

It was a wonderful real- life science lesson! You just can't plan things like this!


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