Fort Wetherill

It was a gloriously sunny day today and we were heading out to Fort Wetherill.

My husbands' step father passed away a few years ago and we had plans to meet up with the whole family today and have a nice picnic lunch in remembrance of him at one of his favorite places to visit.

The kids spent the day playing with their cousins in the water.  We walked several different beaches looking for beach glass, shells, and "pretty" rocks.  They swam, played football, tag and pass.  They climbed trees, explored the fort, and swam in the ocean (though most of the kids only waded in since it was pretty cold!).

We climbed rocks, watched sailboats (even saw one tip over) and saw scuba divers.  We found crabs (some small and alive; others large and dead), muscles, snails and barnacles.   We saw planes, helicopters and lots of birds.

The boys even enjoyed the ride out there!  We saw several bridges, boats out in the water, a huge windmill and various construction equipment.   It was a perfect day filled with lots to see and do. 

Some brotherly love
Hiking some beach trails

exploring the beach

Look at all those sail boats!

We found another beach!

Look what washed up on shore

Looking around the fort
crabs we found

Tons of crustaceans
The kids hunt for crabs

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