Time for Summer Fun: Water Games

It was a bright, sunny, warm Tuesday afternoon and after having had a little teaser of summer yesterday we were all ready for fun.

I made some sponge balls over the weekend and brought them outside for a water fight with the kids.  These are easy and pretty cheap to make and much easier to use than water balloons.  This link has a great tutorial for making them, but it's very simple.

 Using three sponges for each ball, cut each sponge lengthwise into three long strips so you now have nine.  Gather the strips together and using an elastic band (we used hair ties) cinch them tight in the middle.  You have to "fluff' the sponge strips just a bit and you end up with a wonderful ball.

Sponge balls

Dunk them in a bucket of water and they absorb  an awful lot!  I had the boys each get a bucket with water and set them up on the lawn/ beach in a triangle.  They tried to throw the sponges back and forth into each other's bucket.  It's just as much fun to miss though as you might get your opponent wet and no one bothered to keep score! 

On your marks.. get set

We also used their new water guns and taped Alka Seltzer tablets to their chests for targets.  They ran around the yard trying to get each other's tablets.  The last one to have a tablet left is the winner.

 It's fun to watch the tablets react to the water and a great excuse to soak one another.   I used double sided tape to tape them rather low on the chest (the back would be another great option).   Ian won by default since Evan quit and Alec's tablet fell off and got lost.

Gearing up for battle
"I've been hit!"
By the time our water games were over the kids were soaked and ready to jump in the lake.   The dock was finally in and they couldn't wait to practice jumping, diving, and cannon balling.

Alec and Evan had a great time blowing bubbles too.  Evan, who immediately thought of light sabers, took his blue wand and started swinging it around making appropriate light saber sounds.  He even pretended to be master Yoda and used the wand as a walking stick.  He blew so many bubbles his wand was empty in no time.

Evan tries on his new Batman goggles

tons and tons of bubbles


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