Television Thursday: 25 Rainy Day Fun Activities

We woke to some wet rainy weather and knew we wouldn't be doing much today. Our park day was canceled and we were looking for something fun to do.

Ian had plans for having a friend over today.

We listened to a Magic Tree House book in the car on the way to pick Ian's friend up.  It was called Night of the New Magicians and it takes place in Paris under the Eiffel Tower (which we just watched a movie about!).   As we were driving (and listening) Alec yells out "deer!" and pointed to the side of the road where the deer were grazing just under the cover of the trees.  We also saw a swan, a very cool dragon water fountain and a wild turkey.   It was a very exciting car ride.
Once home, the boys immediately harped on the fact that we had friends over and it was rainy so therefor we must be allowed to play screens.  And, wow!  Play them they did.

They played  Wii, played with DS's, watched movies, and TV for the vast majority of the day.

Occasionally, they took breaks to go play outside or to eat snack but for the most part they were buried in screens.

I sat with the boys and brainstormed some activity ideas for rainy day fun that did not include staring at any sort of screen all day and here's what we came up with:

  1. Board Games
  2. Puzzles
  3.  Books
  4. Making Silly Putty or slime
  5. Playing with play-doh
  6. Building with blocks and Lego pieces
  7. Playing with remote control cars; making tracks for them too
  8. Paint a picture 
  9. Putting together a model car/ kit
  10. Trying out some simple science experiments
  11. Playing with shaving cream and small characters or animals
  12. Playing Simon Says
  13. Building an obstacle course
  14. Baking up a fun snack
  15. Ride bikes or scooters in the garage or basement
  16. Write a story
  17. Play with balloons
  18. Make a marble maze
  19. Build a fort
  20. Turn out the lights, find a dark room and use a flashlight to tell ghost stories
  21. Play with Nerf Guns
  22. Draw on the windows with dry erase markers
  23. Put on some music and dance or play musical chairs
  24. Put on rain gear and play in the puddles or mud
  25.  Use a crafting kit and make something 

We did play a rather fun game of Twister together and I think my favorite quote of the day was when Ian's friend turned to me and said "Wow! You're family is crazy!"  as I was ready to agree with him he added "but that's OK, mine is too." 

Once Ian's friend left Ian headed outside to play and create in the sand.  He made ramps for his loaders to load up trucks, made a tunnel for the dirt to get to the water and built another whole quarry.  His ability to construct these things from his imagination always impressed me to no end.  He problem solves and creatively thinks up new solutions on the spot.  It takes some trial and error but he's content to sit there for hours and make it just right. 

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  1. We have a whole box of "rainy day toys." Stuff like magnetic "paper" dolls, a band set, a book that has a section in the back with a fold out map of Sodor and a bunch of little plastic Thomas and Friends trains, etc. I need to update it a bit since my daughter is starting to outgrow some of it. I like your son's and his friend's ideas. They are pretty awesome and inventive. #HappyNow

    1. What a great idea to keep them in a box together.

  2. I should really set aside rainy day toys for the kids so that they are new and exciting. This is going to be my summer project!


    1. We've had almost an entire week of rain this week and my boys have played waaaay more video games than I would like. I really should have taken my own advice and set out some new and fun ideas.

  3. Great suggestions! There are so many fun things to do inside. It's easy to forget at the time, though. ;) Thanks for sharing on the Fab Friday link up!

    1. It is easy to forget. I think it's that feeling of being stuck inside with all the same old, same old toys.

  4. This is a great list for a rainy day. I have a bad habit of them switching the tablet on. We should get away from this now. Thank you for linking up with #FabFridayPost

    1. It's an awful habit and one we fall back on a lot. I know my boys play and watch a lot more video games and tv/movies than they should but it is so easy and makes everyone so happy.


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