Monday Morning Shake- Up: Why It's Important to Change Our Routine Now and Then

I have been trying so hard to get us to stick to a schedule ever since we started homeschooling.. and yet I find that we really don't enjoy having a set or rigid schedule.

We get bored doing the same thing every day and every week so I am always looking for ways to shake up our schedule and mix in some new fun.

The boys woke up this morning and watched Popular Mechanics for kids in it's entirety.  I knew we had our usual trampoline, library and errands to run, like we seem to do every Monday, but I decided to shake up our routine just a bit.

It is actually quite beneficial to make changes to your usual routine once it awhile!  Did you know small changes can lead to:

  • Increased brainwave activity by encouraging your brain to make new connections.
  • Increased creativity.  In our case, the boys and I enjoy thinking up new ways to shake up our routine and often that includes some creative thinking.
  • Lessons in how to adapt.  When we make changes, especially last minute, we often have to think on our feet and adapt to these changes. 
  • New memories!  Often when we're shaking up our routine it's to try something new and fun and most often than not that leads to fun new family memories.   
  • Feelings of joy and happiness.  Doing the same thing every day can lead one to feeling like their life is in a rut and that often leads to feelings of discontentment.  Life can't feel like a rut when there's something new to look forward to.  

Today we decided to visit my mother and go swimming in the hotel pool.  We hadn't been able to meet up with her yesterday on Mother's day and I thought it would be great fun to have a nice visit with her this morning.  

The boys all convinced Grammy to go swimming with them and practiced all sorts of dives, swimming techniques and "moves."  The hour we had with her at her hotel flew by rather quickly and we hurried up to clean up and get ready for trampoline.

They ate bits and pieces of the lunch I packed on the 10 min or so drive to class and assured me that was enough to make it through class.  I had tried to convince them to get out of the pool early enough to eat lunch before class, but they had no interest in that! 
The rest of our day followed our usual routine; trampoline followed by a stop a the library, some reading and TV viewing then it was time for bed.

Alec spent almost the whole two hours at trampoline class working on a new and difficult move; he was determined to figure it out and his hard work paid off.  He came up to tell me in the observation room and he was just glowing with pride.  They all worked hard and were a bit extra tired after an hour of swimming.  They practiced many new and old moves and even had a turn on "the ropes" learning how to flip with the coach's help. 


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