Let's Watch! 10 Science Series My Boys Love

Yet again this morning my kids slept in and when they finally woke they asked to watch Wild Kratts during breakfast.  I'm feeling very tired and lazy today so I said "sure!"  We often rely on movies when we're having a hard time figuring out what else we'd like to do.

I had been trying to pull together some work for today and it wasn't going real well so I figured that was one less lesson to plan.  I love watching them snuggle up together like best friends to watch TV too.  It doesn't always happen but it definitely happens more often now that we're home together all the time.

Today we ended up watching a lot of movies!  It was pouring rain out and while we did some book work too and took a trip to the library mostly we settled down together to enjoy quite a few educational movies.

My boys have many science series that they love to watch their recent favorites include:

  1. Wild Kratts- any and all episodes 
  2. Mythbusters
  3. Popular Mechanics for Kids 
  4. Magic School Bus 
  5. Bill Nye the Science Guy 
  6. Eyewitness Videos 
  7. Animal Atlas
  8. Disney Nature
  9. Really Wild Animals
  10. Science of Disney Imagineering 

For science, we also had to move our caterpillars from the cups they came in into the habitats we had.  I was so extremely nervous to damage them as both instructions cautioned that they are very fragile.  With the boys watching anxiously we got them moved and I hope and pray that they're OK.  The boys are going to be so upset if they don't hatch.

They observed that a piece of each tail of the caterpillar was left behind when each one went into it's chrysalis.  They told me that they actually got to see one spin it's chrysalis last night while I was at the grocery store.  It's neat how much they're able to see, observe, and learn from having these cups in our house.

We headed out to watch a play today.  It was called Martha Speaks. They've all read a few Martha Speaks books before and have watched the TV show on PBS so they knew what it would be about and they were excited to go.  I love when I can introduce a little culture to them as well.

My boys are getting very familiar with watching live performances and, like me, they get excited to go.  They're quiet and respectful and well behaved.  Today's trip was made even better because their old school was also at today's performance and the kids got to see their old teachers and lots of students that the knew.

While waiting for the play to start the boys all brought learning toys to play with.  Ian and Alec worked on their extreme dot to dot books and Evan brought in his magnetic tangram book.  They were proudly showing off all their work.  It was cute. 
After the show we went to the library and then home to watch a few more movies.

I know that they were watching an awful lot of TV and movies today, but it is pouring rain out and I figured at least they picked out educational things to watch all day.

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