Wet, Muddy, &Fun

When watching my boys play outside this afternoon all I could think was "we're wet, we're muddy, we're happy!"

They were digging in the wet, muddy sand building dams and were becoming disastrously dirty.  I think it's part of the little boy code though and I try my best to go with the flow.

They were playing together, listening to one another and they were having a ball.  I heard constant laughter and giggles so I couldn't possibly complain.

Yes, my two youngest ones are in the Pj's (We declared it Pj day in our house when they refused to get dressed) and while I hate they haven't gotten dressed yet; dirty clothes are dirty clothes.

 I couldn't help but marvel at how much fun they were having "discovering" sand, rocks, mud and sticks.

  • They rubbed mud all over their boots, hands, and feet.  
  • They sat, laid and rolled around in the sand.  
  • They jumped off rocks, off the dock and into mud puddles listening to the splat sounds.  
  • They walked up and down the shoreline looking for interesting rocks, sticks, and creatures.  
  • They used shovels, Ian's remote control boat, an old hockey stick, and trucks to build ponds, "fires," and dams.  
I have no idea what they are learning, but I know they must be since this playing kept them engaged for hours.   I do know that they are supremely happy, secure, and loved.

Sometimes those squeals, yells and shouts of happiness can go right through me and drive me nuts but today they mostly made me smile.  It's nice to see the boys so carefree.

Look at that serious face; this is hard work! 

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  1. Sometimes its just fun to let them get all wet and muddy. Just let them be kids, like they are meant to and to enjoy this carefree time in their lives.


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