Their Geography Fair Displays!

The boys finished their geography fair reports!

They really worked so hard and we are all so proud of how well their displays look.
 Today I was hoping to get most of the stuff for the geography fair done (other than the food, of course).  Evan sat down and wrote the names of all the crops we had pictured on his board and then  found all sorts of  Florida animals.  He decided his hands- on portion of his project will be toy animals that the kids can play with.  We found 50!  I set them aside in a box so they'll be all ready to take with us next week.

Ian's board has been done for a while now and so today he too looked through the animal buckets and found polar bears, dogs, and a wolverine that he wanted to bring and display.  He also pulled out all the Lincoln logs and we framed his dog sled/aurora borealis painting to  bring with us for his Alaska report.

Alec had the most work this morning.

His board was finished once we printed out a few pages of plants found in the rainforest so he moved onto crafts and displays.

He wanted to display the layers of the rainforest using his toy animals and trees so we assembled them all in a large box.  Using string, glue dots and lots of imagination he created a wonderful replica of the rainforest.  We covered the box with Saran wrap and labeled each layer.  It's a beautiful display and we're both keeping our fingers crossed that the glue dots hold out until the actual fair next week.

Alec labels the rainforest
Isn't it amazing?!  I just love how this came out!
He also made a model of a bromiliad out of paper since our live bromiliad (pineapple plant) died.... AGAIN!  He still wants to make a parrot painting that we'll matte and frame like Ian's dog sled painting but we need to stop and get some large watercolor paper first. He's had so much fun learning about the rainforest!

Alec makes his Bromiliad

No bromiliad is complete without a few poison dart frogs!

 I'm so proud of them and I can already picture their tables bursting with their boards, piles of books, food/drinks, displays and toys.

Alec's completed board listing animals and plants found in the rainforest
Evan's board is all pictures with labels he wrote himself
Ian's board; he wrote so much about life in the Yukon
It's going to be great!

The woman who organized the fair was telling us yesterday that she had passports for all of the kids who attend and they'll get a stamp from each table so we pulled out our stamp sets and picked a stamp & pad for each child to bring too.

This is going to be so much fun!  I hope the boys have plenty of time to walk around and "visit" the other tables too like we did with the science fair. 



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