Harkness Park

We were planning a wonderful park today!

We packed up kites, bubbles, trucks, hula hoops and jump ropes and headed to a beautiful park along the shoreline that I hadn't been to since Ian was a baby.

It was a fabulous day with sunny skies, a cool breeze, and everyone had a wonderful time.  The boys dug in the sand, flew kites, got wet and dirty.  They ran around the beach, jumped off rock formations and found sand creatures and shells.

We saw tons of birds, dogs and kites (though most of the kites were stuck in the trees!).  We saw excavators on the beach, fighter planes flying overhead and we ran through the fields and grass.

We walked around the mansion and it's gardens.  They rapped and made music using water bottles and an abandoned dog bowl.

It was a fabulous day!

Alec flies his kite

the mole crabs we found (though we had to look up what they were when we got home!)

the bottom of the mole crab

Throwing rocks in the channel from one side to the other

We watched the ferries and boats pass by all day long.

Some loons we saw

the boys get to work digging in the sand

baby mole crab

Ian flying his kite
boys trying to stop the waves from washing away their dams


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