Weekend Workout: Getting Fit and Trying New Things

We had a busy and very physically active weekend.  I often feel like we're lacking in physical activity so I'm excited when we find ways to exercise together.

My niece's birthday party was at Zoinks Fun Factory on Saturday and the boys spent most of the two hours jumping, running,climbing and playing with friends and family.

They had a blast.

They were hot, sweaty and tired afterwards but it was totally worth it.  I even saw Alec and Evan practicing some of their "moves" from trampoline class on the bounce pillow.  They ate pizza and cake and made some new friends. 

Sunday we had a birthday party for my nephew and it was at a roller skating rink.  This is something new for my boys and I immediately thought of my resolve to try at least one new thing a week.

The boys were NOT looking forward to going to this party.  Never having had a chance to roller skate before they thought they'd have a hard time and not be able to keep up with all the other kids.  I told them all they were going to try it and we were all skating.

My husband and I skated too so we were able to help the boys.

The only one who really struggled and ended up giving up completely was Evan.  He tends to get frustrated with things really fast and just quit.

But Ian and Alec skated for most of the party; only stopping for pizza and cake and various games they didn't know how to play.

We had so much fun and the older two boys already told me they'd like to go again sometime.   They had something similar to a walker available for the kids to use to help them skate if they wanted.  Alec and Evan tried using them but Ian preferred to go it alone.

They tried the Hokey Pokey, the cha- cha slide and I think they even played 4 corners.

 It was a wonderful day!


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