Double the Trouble; Double the Fun

Today, even our non- routine, is not going to be our routine.   OK I realize that doesn't really make any sense but, even though we don't have a set school routine we do have a flow to our day that will be completely thrown off today because we have three extra boys for the day. 

Yep, that's right, I have 6 boys here with me today (for a good 10 or 12 hours).  My brother needed a sitter for his oldest three boys and while I was anxious about having 6 boys on my own for the day I like that I was able to help them out.

That doesn't often happen. 

The boys were thrilled by the idea of having playmates all day and were up and ready very early this morning.  They knew, that as a special treat,  I was allowing screens (movies, TV, computer, Wii; whatever!) for the day and they couldn't wait to get started and see their cousins.  

Within an hour the playroom was trashed.  They had pulled out all the "guys" (Ben 10, Batman, Transformers, Mario, etc) and all the trucks.  

But I didn't mind at all because they were PLAYING!  

I don't know why I am always so nervous to have more kids over; through the years I've found that three extra bodies tend to bring a lot of peace and tranquility to our house.

It's great when they can each have someone they can play with!

My boys don't often play with most of their toys but having cousins here who were excited about playing with our toys found them joining right in.  Sure there were the occasional squabbles (usually with two of mine since my brother's kids hardly make a peep when they're here), but for the most part we had 6 happy boys all morning. 

They played inside with all the guys, ships, castles and zoos.  They played outside with stomp rockets and trucks.   They took turns playing with the Wii and the laptop.  They watched Free Willy 4.  

They broke into groups of two for a bit; almost always an older boy and a younger boy.  

Then I'd turn around and one would be playing by himself in a corner while three boys would be playing a game in another corner.  The group dynamics constantly shifted and changed as they usually do when you have groups of kids together.   

And it was neat to just sit back, watch and listen.  They taught each other how to play various games, told each other the names of certain toys and animals, and occasionally asked each other for help in doing something; in essence they were schooling each other!  It was so cute. 
Lunch was a bit chaotic just trying to get it all ready since everyone wanted a different sandwich/ lunch but I started early and they all patiently waited while playing toys.  It was so quiet during lunch you could have heard a pin drop.  

ALL 6 boys wanted to watch Scooby Doo on TV so that's what they did.  I didn't get a chance to eat myself until everyone else was done but that's because we only have 6 chairs at our table and I had no where to sit. 

 I barely had time to finish my lunch when 4 of the boys were begging to go outside.  

Once again my boys actually played when we went outside.  Since the other boys were riding bikes they wanted to ride too.  Evan, who never rides his bike, told me he wants to learn how this year and is going to practice everyday.  The boys tried out the zip line, the slide, the bike, the skateboard, the stomp rocket, and the pogo stick.  

They had a blast!  

But it was so chilly out that we didn't last very long once the sun went away.  

It's amazing but with 6 boys it's actually been quieter than it usually is with my three.  They're engaged, happy and learning all kinds of wonderful things through play today.   


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