Organized Sports for Kids

Lately, our Saturday mornings always start with my oldest son's basketball game.   It's one of our first experiences playing organized sports since we started homeschooling.

While our state and town does not allow homeschool students to play on school sports teams we do have a wonderful recreation department that offers opportunities for homeschool kids to still play organized sports.  

It's Ian's first year playing basketball and all the kids are developing skills and learning the rules of the game.  It's fun to watch them play.

Ian's team has not yet won a game and the season is almost over.

While I feel bad for them and silently pray they will win each game as they're playing, I have noticed how much they have improved each and every game.  I am very impressed with how upbeat and motivated they continue to be while playing.

They have learned such good team work, good sportsmanship, and dedication this season.

They've learned to work hard, to try their best, and to be supportive of one another; telling each other it's OK when they make a mistake.

He has wonderful teammates and coaches.  It's been a great, fun, learning experience for him.

He has not felt left out that he's not in school with these students and since the teams are made up of mixed age groups he's fitting in just fine.

He's already told me he can't wait to play next year.


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