Learning About Scorpions & Snakes on Our Field Trip

We woke up and got ready early this morning because we were headed on a field trip to the Ecotarium again.

We headed out for our field trip where we were meeting my sister and nephews again.

 I arrived a bit early and boy was that ever perfect. While the building was not yet opened the otters had just been fed and we got to see them.

 They typically are asleep most days during the winter but today they were running around and sliding on the ice, they playfully came right over to us.

It's like they came right over to say "hi!"
 We explored the entire Ecotarium from top to bottom, inside and out. We participated in two different animal encounters and learned all about snakes (in particular corn snakes) and scorpions (mostly the emperor scorpion). It was really neat to see the scorpion glow green with a U.V light!

 We watched them feed the parrot and clean the cage, we saw the turtles being fed, and watched the bald eagles eat.

 We played with fog, wind, and looked at beach sand under a microscope.

 They put on a puppet show, played games like checkers, chess, and Nine Man's Morris.

Category 1 hurricane

Hockey table game

Evan and I were adding while playing a game similar to this!

Feeding plants our carbon dioxide

making dinosaur tracks

The corn snake

Ian practicing how to handle a fake snake

Eek! Alec's snake is venomous "red to yellow kill a fellow, red to black venom lack"--
he even taught that to the man presenting!

A turtle eating an animal (who knew turtles were omnivores?)

The red fox

Scorpion demonstration

All the kids crowd around

Using a U. V light scorpions give off a green glow
It was such a fun day of learning!  


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