Exploratory Play

My boys had so much fun learning through play today!  I love when they really start playing and I can just sit back and watch all the learning unfold.

Before Alec had even had breakfast today he decided to work a bit more with his volcano.  He experimented with varying amounts of vinegar and baking soda to see what would happen.  His brothers watched and then helped him clean up.
 Ian has almost finished his Diary of A Wimpy Kid book.  He's so excited since it's the first chapter book he's read from start to finish all on his own, by himself, in his head.  He brings it everywhere with us!

We watched another Travel With Kids video; this time they were headed to New York City.  The boys were just as thrilled with this show and Evan told me he wants to live in New York since they're famous for pizza and he loves pizza.  Ian told him he was crazy because New York is a huge city with lots of people.  I told them that while it is big and crowded people really do love living there and others only like to visit.  We learned a lot about the history of the United States as well as New York.  They recognized many of the places in this movie from other movies and books they've read and we talked about the 9/11 tragedy. 
After a bit of wrestling, squealing, and tears I sent them all outside.  While not all of my boys love to go out the promise of hot cocoa and warm chocolate chip cookies as a snack when we came back in really got them motivated to spend some time outside.

Once inside Alec played with his animals and zoos while Ian & Evan decided to play with shaving cream, water and some trucks.

Never underestimate the importance of shaving cream!

One 99 cent can of shaving cream can provide hours of fun for all three of my boys.

Ian's pretending all of his trucks are just like those in swamp loggers!  They observed that the shaving cream floats on top of the water, the sand from their trucks and toys that had been outside sunk to the bottom.

They used plastic cups and made "drinks" for sale.  They called them milkshakes, ice cream, concoctions, and lemonade.

They poked holes in one cup and made a strainer to try and skim all the shaving cream off the top.

They brought animals over and pretended it was raining.

They pretended the animals were living in a blizzard or in the arctic circle.

They pretended they were searching for gold in the Klondike.

They made up songs to go along with the scenarios they were acting out practicing language skills and rhyming.

 Alec came down and filled up another bucket with water and played with his Pokemon characters at the table too.   He was having Pokemon battles and Ian was selling concessions during half- time.

They made scientific observations, used their imaginations and played cooperatively for more than 2 hours-- I was afraid to interrupt them and have them clean up for dinner!

What a great afternoon of exploratory play!  


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