Making Winter Homeschooling Fun!

We had a fun and busy day planned for today.  In winter, more than any other time of the year, I find that I need to make sure our homeschooling day is packed with fun.

We got a few new spelling games for Christmas; Scrabble Flash and Boggle Speed Flash, that I wanted to try out for some fun spelling practice.  The boys had a lot of fun with scrabble flash and had more success spelling 4 letter words rather than the 5 letter words.

After a while they switched to the Boggle and LOVED it!  They can make 3, 4, and 5 letter words and battle each other for the highest score.   I'm sure they would've played for quite a bit longer but we had to much to do and plans to leave the house early for some family fun. 

We then sat down an read a book called Waiting for Ice By Sandra Markle (Alec's new favorite author) and started a new Magic Tree House chapter book called Mummies in the Morning.

After reading we did a quick science experiment about blubber.
  • I took two bowls of ice water (had the boys count to make sure there were the same number of ice cubes and measured to make sure both bowls had the same amount of water), and had the boys slather one finger of each hand with Crisco. 
  •  They then stuck one finger from each hand into each bowl to see which finger got colder faster.  
  • The Crisco acts as blubber and within seconds they told me the plain finger was freezing while the finger with the Crisco felt perfectly normal.   

Once we finished those projects we headed to Zoinks Fun Factory for some gym time and to let off some steam.  It was a fun 80 minutes of jumping, sliding, and exercises.   Evan has been asking to go there and I'm so glad he has.

   It was the perfect way to spend a winter's afternoon and the boys to get rid of all their excess energy!

How do you keep schooling fun in through the long winter months?       


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