The Newtown Tragedy & Homeschooling

I had so many ways of starting off my blog running through my head this morning.  And after much wrestling with myself I decided I couldn't just ignore the tragic event that took place last week in Newtown Elementary school (as much as I might like to ignore it I just can't).

I think it shook many people up around here because it was so tragic and many of my friends escorted their kids to school today with armed policemen standing guard outside.

Perhaps it's like that across the nation.. I don't know.

I turned my TV off, haven't watched the news and really even tried to avoid Facebook and all social media as much as possible.  I firmly believe the less known the better.  I don't want to see all the faces, names and ages... it's just too heartbreaking.

Having been a teacher and now having kids of my own I just can't fathom what transpired.   I was asked by so many people "I bet you're really glad you homeschool"  and the short answer was Yes!

But I couldn't help but think that they had no idea that I would have answered the same way before this tragedy.
I was surprised to hear many people I know asking about, thinking about and talking about homeschooling.  I understand why they might be talking it about it now in lieu of all that happened but to me school shootings and keeping your kids safe is only reason to consider homeschooling.

 Can I keep my kiddos safe no matter what?   Well, no not really.

Though it's called homeschooling I feel like we're rarely home and I don't want to change that.  A mad gunman could show up anywhere-- at the bank, the post office, the grocery store, etc.  I think, if anything, we're all realizing that perhaps our safely is never a guarantee and that makes us want to hold onto our loved ones even more.

I know how much closer homeschooling has made us all as a family and I'm always eager to share how wonderful it is with anyone who's interested.
There are so many people I know who say "I wish I could homeschool but I could never do that!" 

Don't under estimate yourselves!!

You've already taught your children to eat, speak, walk, get themselves dressed, brush their teeth, talk, etc... you can certainly teach them to read, write, add and subtract.  It's not always easy and simple but it is as simple as making the choice to do it and then learning together how it works best for your family.

Perhaps you can't do exactly what I do but one thing I've learned in the short amount of time since we've started is that no two families are alike and no two families approach homeschooling the same way either.  Every family and child and learning opportunity is completely unique and there's no right or wrong way to homeschool.

I've met families where both parents work.

I've met families where dad stays home, or mom stays home.

I've even read that single, working, parents are able to homeschool (I just haven't met any because I'm guessing they're busy working during the day while we're out and about!). 

As long as you interact with your child they're learning.  Period!
I was so afraid to take this leap; my oldest son asked me for 3 or 4 years so please homeschool him and I always said "Never!"  Then I started reading about it and I was hooked!  If you'd like some suggestions, I found a lot of books at my local library.

I did a search for "homeschool" and found a few great books;  

As daunting as homeschooling was I just had to try it and I'm so glad I did.


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