Learning on the Christmas Journey

Over the weekend we did a remarkable amount of homeschooling and had tons of family fun.

 Friday night we watched the Santa Clause complete with "coal" cookie snacks (really it's just melted marshmallows, butter and Oreo cookies).  Friday night is usually family movie night and I've been trying to make them extra special this holiday season by including a baked good to go along with it. 

Saturday my oldest son played in his first "real" basketball game.  He's working very hard to learn the rules of the game and play as a team.  His team ended up loosing but he tried very hard, was smiling at the end, and can't wait to play again next week so I was thrilled.   His extreme dot- to- dot book came in and he immediately sat down and started working on a few of them.  He just loves it! We had family over that night and the boys read a few books; Auntie Clause and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. 

Sunday we went to the Ecotarium for their Christmas Journey.  We got there early and walked around playing with all the exhibits.

The Ecotarium is setting up for a Dinosaur display we can't wait to see!
When it was time we settled down to hear The Polar Express read aloud by Mrs. Clause, then we got sleigh bells and rode on the train (Ian even had one of Santa's Elves sitting with him!).  Afterwards we met Santa and  had some hot cocoa and cookies.

We've got our bells and we're ready to go!

Evan still won't meet Santa! 

Cookie smiles!
Evan was dying to go see the animals and as we were heading outside I noticed they were setting up for a live animal encounter.  We sat down and learned all about opossums.  Well, all of us except for Alec.  He kept trying to take over the class. 

Once again he amazed an audience full of people with his animal knowledge.  He knew they had "Prehensile tails; which means it's like a third hand!"  that "marsupials are animals that have pouches and all the babies are called joeys."  He knew several examples of marsupials when asked and many more facts.  It's always the vocabulary that amazes me the most though!

Opossum encounter. 
After that we walked around and saw foxes, several species of owls, bald eagles, otters, pheasants and vultures (which Alec informed us "it's a good thing opossum predators aren't scavengers because then playing dead wouldn't work very well!").  It was a great weekend!

The red fox


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