Our Day At the Corn maze

 We headed out this morning for a homeschool field trip to Buttonwood Farms.  We had been there a few times for their Sunflower For Wishes days but had never been in the fall before. 

 I am a member of many on- line homeschooling groups and heard of this field trip through one of them.  For just $5.50 for each child we got to go on a few hayrides, watch them feed the cows, and take a turn through the corn maze.  They also had a hay bale mountain for the kids to play on, a huge corn pit filled with toys and trucks to play in, a couple of games, pigs and chickens. 

Ariel map of the maze

 It sounded like a fun, fall day outdoors and also a wonderful opportunity to meet other homeschoolers in our area so I quickly signed us up.    

I'm so glad I did too!  It was a wonderful, warm day and we met several families who were all so sweet to us. 

 It was fantastic, fun, and tiring.  

The kids all got along so well and played so nicely together.   Alec fell asleep on the drive home, which to me is always the sign of a great day.  

The kids made many new friends and had a great time leading me through the maze.  Best of all they had two trails to choose from; one that's a marked trail so you can't really get "lost" and one unmarked for those with a great sense of direction.  

After getting lost in a maze and turned around repeatedly last year I was happy to hear of the marked trail (though Alec chose to join in with another family and try the unmarked trail).  

There was also a letter hunt in the guided maze but the boys went through so fast we didn't find any; we were the first ones back at the entrance though! 

The view from the bridge party way though the maze

Evan loved that the marker signs were blue and always pointed them out to us

"I'm king of the world!" or the hay mountain anyway

The corn crib

The little pigs
Water/ Duck races set up for the kiddos too!
The first wagon ride; Alec sits with his new friend
The large wagon ride for all
Farmer Wayne feeds the cows corn from the corn maze
I'm sure I could come up with all kinds of learning activities related to this outing but our main focus today was just having fun with new friends and enjoying the beautiful day.  

Evan had such a good time he asked if he could have his birthday party there next year!   If you've never been I highly recommend it!

Who doesn't love a day that ends with ice cream?!


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