Animal Behavior We Saw At Sea World Orlando

We headed back to Sea World yesterday morning with the goal of watching the animal shows we missed, re- riding some of our favorite rides and of course, seeing as many animals as we could.

We managed to see the rest of the shows.  We all agreed the dolphin show was the best.  It incorporated acrobatics, divers, dolphins, and birds.  It was amazing. 

We also watched the sea lion and otter shows.  The boys love otters and were sad they weren't in the show more often.

We watched the acrobatic show called A'lure and the boys were able to relate better to all of the hard work the show must have taken since they've started their trampoline classes.  The acrobats were amazingly talented.

We saw a show featuring pets-- cats, dogs, birds, pigs, ducks, etc.  It was very funny and very neat to see all that they were able to train these animals to do.

This was probably the only animal show where we were told about the animals.  They brought a few of the animals out and told us their name, age and breed.  We learned that all the animals in the show were all adopted at pet shelters around the state and were encouraged to do the same if we ever wanted pets of our own. 
 It felt like we spent most of the day watching shows, but we did manage to re- ride quite a few of our favorite rides and a few new rides too.  We saw many new animals too.

We went to the dolphin nursery and saw the baby dolphins.

We went back to the Arctic exhibit and saw the polar bear this time.  We watched them feed them beluga whales too.

We saw many new birds and learned the names of quite a few of them.   We finished our day at the park by sitting once again for the Shamu show. 

All in all we had a great vacation and it was a great homeschooling week where we were never home. 


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