Learning Every Moment; What my Boys Learn on the Weekends

I don't often post thing on the weekend because to me we're not in school and my blog is about homeschooling.  However, that doesn't mean my kids aren't learning.

My oldest son often goes to work with his father or grandfather and helps out.  He's learned (and continues to learn) how to drive various trucks, loaders and excavators.  While this often makes me nervous he is being taught the proper way to handle the equipment and has spent every moment of his life (that he's been able to anyway) riding along with assorted family members when they're doing work.

He helps rake, sweep, shovel, mow, etc and is pretty willing to do whatever job he can to help out with "real" work.   This weekend was no exception, within 15min. of waking up yesterday, Ian was running by me changing his clothes to go to work.  He leaves around 6:30 in the morning and I don't usually see him again until sometime in the afternoon. 

When he got home yesterday he asked if he could ride his bike to his grandfather's house when he got up in the morning because they were going to be doing an oil change on the truck.  He was up and ready so early this morning we had to explain that we don't ride our bikes on the road when it's not yet light out and that while papa is an early riser we should let him sleep in a little before showing up at his house.

Ian was disappointed but watched Yukon Men and Bering Sea Gold; Under the Ice with my husband while waiting until it was time to go to work..
My younger two stay home with me on the weekends and I often leave them to play together. This weekend they ran experiments to see which Zhu Zhu pet was the fastest, which balloon would fall from the balcony first and why (though they had no idea it was an experiment, they thought it was just a fun game).

They read and learned all about Evan's new Pokemon cards.

They took photographs with Evan's new camera and learned how to turn the flash on, center the subject matter so as not to chop off anyone's head, and what to do when the camera memory is full.
Alec is learning to play soccer and he had a game last night.  It was an exciting game, made more so by the fact that they won!  They are all learning to work together as a team and actually passed the ball to one another a few times.

The referee we had for last night's game was wonderful and would instruct the kids on how to do throw in's or penalty kicks and gave all the kids advice on how to play even better.

On the way home Alec complained that at team practices they never practice kicking goals while running and having people running at you.  He told us that it's totally different in a game.  So we told him that's something we should practice then, either at home or suggest it to his coach for one of their practices.

They do scrimmage at practices but he's right that we often have them line up and practice kicking and kicking the ball while stationary isn't the same as kicking it while running.  

Today we headed to Zoink's Fun Factory for a party with all of Evan's friends and cousins.  It was a great afternoon of exercise and socializing.  They all had so much fun playing and bouncing on the bounce pillow.

 Ian realized if he jumped really hard and did a fake cannonball he could knock people over.  They had slide races and obstacle course mazes.  It was wonderful to see all the smiling faces.
So yes, even on weekends we learn.  Everyday, all day long we, as human beings, learn. 


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