Easy Watercolor Art Projects for Kids

I felt like it had been so long since we'd done any art at all so today we did a "real" picture.

We taped watercolor paper to cardboard and painted both the skyline and the ground. Once dry we painted trees using black paint and straws.

Then we started another art project!

We painted the mountains and sprinkled them with salt for our Aurora Borealis paintings (you can find those instructions here).  We used watercolor for our background and mountains.

 I was surprised when the boys remembered painting the Aurora Borealis on their puffin paintings they made at Alec's birthday party last year.

Alec chose to make his sky at sunset using purple, orange, pink and light blue.  Ian and Evan used multiple colors on their mountains and while Evan sprinkled salt all over Ian only sprinkled salt at the top reasoning that snow only covers the top of the mountains.  Alec used pink for his mountains since they would be covered with snow and reflecting the Aurora Borealis colors.  Hard to argue with any of that logic. 

We finished the Aurora Borealis by chalking the northern lights onto black paper, we then rubbed all the salt off to see how the mountains came out.  We attached the mountains to the black paper and we all just loved them.

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