Animals are Everywhere!

We once again planned to head to the zoo today.  It was such a nice, crisp, fall day that I wanted to be outside doing something with the boys.  I figured the zoo was perfect since we had our passes and it wouldn't cost me anything, it wouldn't be very crowded on a "school" day, and it's closing soon for the season.

Alec took his new Zoobooks magazine into the car with him to read on the way to the zoo.  He loves these publications and reads aloud to all of us (whether we want to know or not).  We learned a lot about sea turtles.

We arrived at the zoo and it was great.

We saw the bird show (twice) and the boys got to hold a parakeet.  While watching the show we heard the laughing kookaburra and understand why it gets it's name.

When noticing where each animal comes from today I often asked them to name at least one animal each that also comes from that same continent and they did great!  Even Evan shouted out Kangaroo when we were talking about Australian animals.

We saw the dog show and watched the Earth Ltd. animal show where today we learned more about the macaws, balled python, black capped capuchin monkey, and leopard gecko.

The boys got to see a hedgehog up close and we learned that the biggest predators of the hedgehog were the honey badger, the hyena and an eagle.  We, once again, got to pet a chinchilla, leopard gecko, and ball python.

We heard the siamangs making tons of noise and went to watch them.  It was interesting to learn that the female siamang is the one who starts the territorial whooping sound before the others in the group join in.  The noise can be heard up to 2 miles away, to which Alec & Ian replied that it must be loud for the people living next to the zoo.  I agreed.


  1. We love the zoo, it's always a great day out! I think people forget how much you can actually learn whilst at the zoo, it's not just an epic fun day but it's also so educational #familyfunlinky

    1. It really is a lot of fun and we do enjoy every trip to the zoo.

  2. I love zoo's or anywhere that has animals. There is always so much to see and learn.

    1. Us too! We're always looking for new zoos, aquariums and animal parks to explore.

  3. Wow what a busy day at the zoo, you really made the most of it and made it a real learning curve for them. I tried taking my two to the zoo. It I think they're a little young yetbans it was mostly lost on them, perhaps Ina few years we'll get as much out of it as you did. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. I can remember taking my kids to the zoo when they were just babies! I definitely think I enjoyed it more than them.


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