Caring for a cousin

Today we had a special treat in our house.  My sister needed someone to watch my young nephew and my boys totally rose the occasion.

They each took turns helping him to feel at ease, keep him entertained and just helped out all day long while he was with us.   Alec and Evan made up a game where every time my nephew made a sound they sang his favorite song to him and made him laugh.

Ian had a toy laser gun battle with him.  They were all giggling and smiling and laughing.

I heard "I love you" shouted from one floor to the other.

 It was wonderful.

We took him with us to a party today and my oldest son kept him entertained in the car the whole way.  He quizzed him on body parts and taught him any he got wrong.  They automatically adopted that sing- song voice and asked him what he wanted or what he'd like to do. 
Once at the party they all went in the bounce house and my kids helped him take off his shoes.  When they went swimming in the pool they kept swimming up to him handing him toys, playing with water guns and including him in their splashing.

They sat next to him at lunch and called him over the sand box to play trucks.

As the day wore on and he started getting tired I noticed they seemed annoyed we had to leave the party and I thought they might resent the fact that he was with us but I was wrong.

Once in the car, Ian scooted over to him and sang softly to him while rubbing his forehead hoping to help him fall asleep in the car and take a nap.

It was so adorably sweet and just melted my heart.

Sadly, my sister's plans got rained out and she came to pick him up early.   I was happy to see I'm raising such wonderfully compassionate and caring boys.


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