Dinosaurs and volcanoes!

We went to Dinosaur State Park today.

It's quite a drive for us, but we'd never been there before and I thought it sounded pretty neat so I thought why not?  We met my sister and her two boys there.  We had an entire day of fun for only $10 admission!

Inside the building is a huge fossil of dinosaur footprints with a giant Dinosaur diorama.  There were all kinds of fossils on display and many hands on exhibits for the kids with buttons that light up certain portions of the wall.  They had a live animal show and we got learn all about Ball Pythons.

 We saw a Bill Nye the science guy movie about volcanoes, made fossil bookmarks, and had a nice picnic. After our picnic we walked two of the four nature trails, saw the butterfly garden and enjoyed watching the boys play together.  There was some real unusual fauna around the park too.  We had a great day and I figure we'll be back at some point. 


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