Old Sturbridge Village Field Trip

Though Alec was a bit sore this morning, we decided to stick with our original plan to go to Old Sturbridge Village.  We arrived right for opening time and the rain stopped.

We had a great time.  The place is HUGE.

I don't remember it being that big; in fact I didn't remember much about it at all.  They had lots of hands on things for the kids and tons of live demonstrations.

I'm sure much of it was more than they could truly grasp and understand but they enjoyed it and the two older boys said they'd like to go back another day when it wasn't so hot.

We went on a horse drawn wagon ride.

They got to pump water from the well.

They practice weaving and use a spinning wheel.

They pet live animals and learned to stretch wool into fiber.

Carding the wool to make it soft and fiberous.

The two older boys made a tin candle holder.

Making tin candle holders.
We had a snack, played on the children's playground and checked out the indoor play area for children on the way out.

We made it a full 3 hours before they asked if they could go home and go swimming. 

At lunch they were telling me they would have hated to live back then with no electricity, they said they "couldn't imagine having to walk to get water outside! And what if it froze in the winter?"  they asked.

They noticed all the period costumes had many layers, long sleeve, and pants and were incredulous that people wore that year round even in the heat and that they had to keep the fire places going all year long too.

I think they definitely got a good feel of what it was like in the 1800's in New England and isn't that the whole point?

We'll go again another day and learn even more.

Making quilt squares with plastic tiles.

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  1. I love your field trips... you come up with some wonderful activities. :)

  2. I love Sturbridge! What a great place. I visited in the fall and it was amazing! Also right down the road is the seconds shop for Yankee Candle. Always a good time to stock up!

    1. I didn't now the seconds shop was right down the road; we don't visit Sturbridge nearly enough. I used to just spend the day shopping there before I had kids..

  3. Hands on learning is most certainly the best way for kids - looks like a great experience. Sarah #ExplorerKids

  4. How fascinating?! I love these hand on outings. It really does mean the kids & us get to experience how things really are like in the period of time. So glad you had another good learning day. :) xx

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids

    1. It is so neat to see and to think of how different life would be without today's technology and advances.


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