Battles of homeschooling

We started out bright and early this morning and tackled a ton of learning activities today.  Our day started out wonderfully fun and I thought we were going to have one of those perfect days.

We started the day playing dicey body parts- a fun math game where they roll the dice and either count, add or multiply (depending on skill level) to determine how many heads, arms, legs, and feet their creature will have and then draw it.

Is it silly?


 But so much fun; and a pretty quick review activity with only a few computations each.  They were giggling trying to draw some of these things, especially since they both had more legs than feet!

Here are our silly drawings:

We wrote letters today to their grandparents telling them about our first week of homeschooling and all that we've done.  Though this turned out to be real tough for my middle son.  He ended up in his room crying and my yelling because he just refused to write or even try to work.  I was trying to ask him questions to get him to talk so I could help him write his sentences and he wouldn't even talk to to me.  He just sat there shrugging his shoulders.

As much as all my kids claim they want to be homeschooled and they enjoy what we're doing most of the time, it can still be a battle to get them to do work.  

I was quite happy to learn I'm not alone in this either.

Both my sister and my brother homeschool their kids too and we were talking yesterday about the battles of getting them to cooperate, sometimes even for the fun activities we have planned. (Like this past Tuesday with our M & M math sort- which started with my yelling as they all fought over the M&M's they wanted as they completely ignored my directions over and over).

I realized if my blog is to be true to life I can't gloss over all these difficult times because then it's not honest.

Homeschooling isn't always wonderful. 

 My kids don't always cooperate and I'm not always sure why.  

Sometimes I think it's just because they thought homeschooling would be nothing but playing, other times I think it's because we're trying to jump in and do too much all at once, and I bet they're just feeling lazy because it's summer and they want to go swimming.  It's probably some combination of all three. 

Mostly I try to keep calm and just wait them out.

After about 5 minutes Alec asked if he could come out of his room and he started writing.  His letter was completed in just a few minutes and he asked if he could sign it in cursive.  Which I obviously encouraged and it came out great!


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