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Friday Favorites: Pre & Post Christmas!

 I pulled together another 2 week wrap up of our favorites for today.  I originally wasn't going to post anything at all today but I really like having this weekly favorites to look back on.   We had a busy and fun Christmas and threw together a party for tonight at the last minute (which I'll share about next week!). I last left off on Friday December 17th so that's where I'll pick up! Alec only had a 1/2 day of school but our hiking group agreed to meet up early and we hiked all around Mashamoquet.  It was a beautiful day and we all hiked with just sweatshirts on.  My husband and I also went hiking on Sunday; though it was down right cold that day.  We both knew we should get in all the exercise we could before all the eating and laziness of the holidays. Evan and I squeezed in one last hike to Pulaski park on Tuesday (the 20th).  It was still pretty chilly at only 40 or so degrees but the sun was shining so it wasn't too bad with our winter coats.  I used some fu

Monthly Musings for December

 It's the last Thursday of the month and time for Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty.  1. Favorite moments of 2021?  I have so many favorite moments from 2021 ( which I shared here ).  Alec trying out track and just killing it at public school.  He is loving it!    Spending lots of time with our family and friends-- at the beach, at the roller rink, at our home. 2. Favorite vacations/trips of 2021?   They were all my favorite! My husband and I went to New Hampshire (twice!) and Maine.  We took a family trip to North Carolina. 3. Do you make new year's resolutions? Do you want to share yours?   I don't normally make any resolutions; when I want to make changes to my life I just do it without waiting for a set day or time.  4. Did you have a word/phrase for 2021? Do you have one for 2022?   I did pick a word for 2021; it was embrace.  I don't have my word picked out yet for 2022 but hope it will come to me soon!  5. Favorite fashion trend from 2021? I don't keep up