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Friday Favorites: Another Scorching Hot Week

We had another full week of temperatures in the 90's every single day.  Thankfully the mornings and evenings have been a bit cooler.  We spent so many afternoons in the lake or by the water just trying to keep cool. We had a small break in our heatwave Friday morning so I convinced the boys to go for a walk along the river trail.  We walked for an hour and a half and while it was warm we weren't HOT.  It felt so good to be out walking again. After walking we headed to my mom's trailer for lunch and spent the afternoon visiting with her and and one of her friends. We made BLT sandwiches for dinner and I made french fries using potatoes and butternut squash from our Misfits Market box to go with our salads.  We also tried our hand at making Dole whips at home for dessert. It was another hot day on Saturday but both my husband and Ian went to work anyway.  Evan and I worked on planning an early birthday party for his 13th birthday.  He likes to have

Encouraging Hearts and Home & July Monthly Musings

It's so hard to believe this year is already more than 1/2 way over, that summer is winding down, and we have just one more month up here in New England before school starts.  I always hate saying goodbye to July.  Even though I love fall, there is something so sweet about warm, slow, summer days outside. But before we get onto today's link up I wanted to take a minute to answers this month's musings hosted by Holly and Patty ! 1.  Top 5 items you pack when headed on vacation?  That really depends on where we are going but a few items I always pack are definitely my camera, a book or two, my travel notebook/folder with all our trip details,  sunglasses, and flip flops. 2. Packing cubes yes or no?  I bought some for our Disney/ Universal trip this year to try them out for the first time and never got to use them. 3.  Do you prefer warm or cold destinations? Warm! 4. Favorite vacation location of all time?  With kids-- Disney/ Florida!  Without kids-- The Vir