What My Boys Have Been Reading This Month

With school officially starting this month my boys have been reading more and more.  Evan really has found that he just love graphic novels and he's been willing to branch out and try a few different ones.  So far he's enjoying them all!  Alec has been re-reading lots of his favorite book series and is just devouring books.  Ian is still rather reluctant to read but at least he's willing to humor me and read each day.

1.  Ms. Marvel-- Evan is trying to figure out what order to read this graphic novel series in and figured this must have been book 1.  He read it in just a few days so he must have really enjoyed it.

2.  Tales of the Great Beasts-- Alec was so excited to find this super edition of one of his favorite series- the Sprit Animals.  This book look at the history of 4 of the great beasts and how they came to be.

3. Iceburg--  Ian picked up on reading this book right where he left off at the end of last school year.  He's almost done and asked me to order him the next book in this Dirk Pitt series.

4-6. The first three books in the Seven Kingdoms Series-- Alec found quite a few new series to read on his Kindle through Kindle Unlimited.  He enjoyed these three books but didn't end up finishing off the series as he lost interest in them.

7.  The First Trial-- Another book Alec tried through Kindle Unlimited.  There were other books in the series but he didn't feel the need to keep reading in this series either.

8.  The Capture-- Alec decided he wanted to re-red the whole Guardians of Ga'Hoole series and started with book 1.

9. Amulet book 1: The Stonekeeper-- Evan had run out of graphic novels to read in the house and I told him that the book he had just read last month was by the same author as Amulet; which Alec had.  He decided to give it a shot and enjoyed it so much we ended up buying him a boxed set of the first 7 graphic novels in this series.

10- 16. All seven books of the Spirit Animals- Alec decided to re-read all the Spirit Animal books since he did leave off in the series before they had finished writing them all.  He's enjoying this series now as much as he did 4 years ago!

17.  Sprit Animals Fall of the Beasts book 1-- Alec had never really read this second series that is an offshoot to the original Spirit Animals books even though he owned a few of them.  He was quite happy to pick these up and start reading more.

18. Spirit Animals Fall of the Beasts book 2-- When he was younger he felt this series was a bit darker and scarier than the original books but he is loving them now!

19-22.  All 4 Book of Shane books-- These mini novels that we downloaded to Alec's kindle go into a bit more detail about the history of each of the 4 main Spirit Animals.

23.  Wings of Fire Book 3 Graphic Novel-- Evan was beyond thrilled when the new graphic novel he pre-ordered for his birthday came in.  He read the whole thing in just a few days and then let Alec read it too.  They have been talking about it non-stop and Alec keeps encouraging Evan to read the "original" series too as there is often quite a bit of detail left out of the graphic novels.

24.  The Exiled Queen-- Alec quickly read through the second book in the Seven Realms novel even though it was quite long.

What have your children been reading?


  1. I'm having trouble with Zachary and reading. He wants to read but he only wants to read the same books he knows he likes, he doesn't want to try anything different. We have a lot of books and he won't pick any of them up!

    1. I find that happens sometimes too; I think Alec is actually going through that right now. Part of it is that most young adult novels are more about romance and relationships and that's just not his thing and I think part of it is soaking up all those books he just loves knowing he won't get to pick what he wants to read next year.

  2. Wow lots of reading going on in your house! I read a lot this month and I read to my girls every night!!!

    1. Enjoy those nights! I miss reading to my boys; I finally stopped last year when they rolled their eyes and started asking if they could just read the chapters themselves instead of listening to me. But we do still enjoy listening to books on CD together in the car.


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