Pablo Picasso Study

The boys and I realized we hadn't studied any artists in awhile so we decided to spend a day learning a bit about Pablo Picasso.

We began by reading  a few book about Picasso.  We also read about his painting periods on the computer and spent a bit of time looking through some of his works.  None of my boys was a fan of his art but we agreed that he was really pushing the barriers of what art meant and he was quite creative.

We read Picasso and The Girl with a Ponytail and Just Behave Pablo Picasso.

The boys then tried their hand at creating art in the style of Picasso.  They each wanted to try something different.

Alec used this "roll a Picasso" paper along with his dry erase board and markers to create an usual face.

Ian used this how to draw a Picasso faces tutorial and made his own face out of paper, pencil and markers.

Evan decided to draw a simple shape on paper and use rectangles and squares of tissue paper with some glue to make a cubist collage.

The heart is the green tissue paper in the middle with the background made up of "cubes" all around it. 


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