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Butterflies and Butterfly Books

Ever spring we look forward to raising butterflies. We order caterpillars and enjoy watching them grow from small little caterpillars to giant caterpillars. They go into their chrysalis and we anxiously await their emergence. Starting to hatch; we can see the butterfly (in detail) through the shell of the chrysalis  We feed them and watch them for a day or two. They are so beautiful to watch and my boys still get excited watching them eat with their proboscis. Drinking using the proboscis We've done this for three years now and it never gets old! After a couple of days we release them. Usually one or two fly out and away on their own  Often the boys are able to take turns holding them up before they take flight  Today our butterfly was content to hang around  Watching the painted lady roll up her proboscis!  Over the years we've read books about butterflies during the spring to better understand the species and we've fo

Welcoming a Baby with a New Book

Today I finally got around to posting the last of the photos from the baby shower scrapbook I made. If you missed it you can look through the first half of the book here . The book has a lot of gray since the nursery colors are gray, yellow and orange.  They decided not to find out the sex of the baby and those were the neutral colors they chose.  I try to always theme my gift books around the theme of the nursery or around the parents' tastes.  With a title like Bundle of Joy this page could be used for just about anything.  I used my calligraphy pens to write the title Wild About You and included lots of cute animal stickers on this page Perfect for shots of nap time or the baby's room this page was simple to make with patterned back ground paper and some gray cutouts for photos. Using my square punch I punched out enough to make a diamond border down the side of the page and embellished each square with a tiny baby themed sticker. With enough

Weekly Recap: The Week We Went on Three Field Trips

It must finally be spring because we've finally started getting out of the house to enjoy some fun field trips! This week we went hiking with some friends, spent a day on an ocean research vessel, and went on a seed to table tour with a local cooking co-op.  I've finally managed to balance blogging and still squeeze in at least 30 minutes of working out each day as well as reading some books myself "just or fun!"  I forgot how much I enjoy working out and reading.... well not the actual workout but the sense of accomplishment that follows each workout.  All in all it was a good week. Reading:  Ian started reading his new book A to Z Mysteries: Detective Camp and just about finished it too.  Alec read School Days According to Humphrey , Winter According to Humphrey , Story Thieves books 1 , Fake Out! Animals that Play Tricks , and Mysteries According to Humphrey . (He actually told me he didn't read that much since Story Thieves was so long... apparently 5