Artists Weekend by the Lake; How To Make Your Own Paint

I was so glad to see my boys finally doing some art this weekend!   We didn't have much planned and since it was so nice and sunny out we decided to just hang out down on our patio and swim.  I brought out some art supplies and the boys painted a little bit both days.

On Saturday we made sweetened condensed milk paint (something Alec has been asking me to do with him for a while).  We opened a jar of condensed milk and divided it into three bowls.  We then added food coloring to each bowl until we had a color we liked. He painted a pink river dolphin playing in the river on a sunny day.

Sweetened Condensed Milk Paint

Alec's finished masterpiece

We made Karo corn syrup paints.

We mixed up clear corn syrup with some of our liquid watercolor paints to make a few vibrant colors.

I then printed off some stained glass coloring pages from The Benson Street webpage and Alec sat down to happily work on coloring in a beautiful butterfly.  Pretty soon he was joined by both brothers and all the kids had fun painting with the shiny paints. 

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  1. We have made our own paints before but have not tried these recipes. I really like the idea of the condensed milk paint and the corn syrup paints are really vibrant! #FrugalMommas

    1. I loved the colors we got from the corn syrup paintings; they really did feel like stained glass to me since they got so shiny and smooth too.

  2. Wow, these are incredible. I'd never even thought of making our own paints x

    1. They are quite vibrant and have such a different texture than standard paints; especially when they dry.

  3. What fun, and it occured to me as I read that this paint would be edible if someone wanted to paint a scene on a cake.

    1. What a fabulous idea! I am definitely going to have to try that now!!


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