Olive the other Reindeer

We had a fun day of activities planned around the book Olive the Other Reindeer, including watching the movie.  It was actually quite simple to turn it into a day's worth of activities by deciding to turn the day into another reindeer day.

For language arts the older boys had a worksheet where they put all of Santa's reindeer in ABC order and did a word search for reindeer words (found in the same download as the ABC order sheet).  Evan and I read a mini book called Five Little Reindeer.  I had him point out the sight words he already knew and introduced the new sight word "little."  I then had him go through the book and circle the word little every time he saw it.  To finish up I had him try and read the book back to me and asked him to read the book to dad tonight before bed. 

Hard at work-- he already knew how to do ABC
order.  Told me that he taught himself by reading
the Weird School books! 

For math they all had a roll and color sheet.  Evan's was for adding while the older two boys multiplied their dice together.  I love these nice, quick, review type sheets and the boys don't seem to mind either.  They all thanked me for an easy morning of work.  Thanked me!!  I was floored and so pleased.

 As we settled down to watch our movie the boys were extra excited since they knew they would be able to drink the cream soda we've had in the fridge for quite a while. I had wanted to buy a 6-pack of IBC root beer and make Reinbeer, but since the boys were with me that day at Target they begged me to buy cream soda instead.
Olive the Other Reindeer

We were still able to decorate the glass bottles to look like reindeer and they look adorable but I had no clever name to call them!  Oh well, it's still a wonderful Christmas memory and  so easy to do! We glued on some pom pom noses, googlie eyes and then twisted some brown chenille stems on as antlers.

While we were decorating our bottles we also made a cute pine cone reindeer ornament.  Once again, using our hot glue gun I helped them glue on noses and googlie eyes to the pine cones.  We then tied chenille stems around the top of the pine cone for antlers and finished up by gluing a generous loop of ribbon at the top to hang them by.  Quick, easy and adorable!

My sample

Evan's reindeer

Alec's mommy reindeer

Alec's baby reindeer

Last up on our agenda today was a reindeer portrait painting.  I found the idea and instructions at Artventurous.  The boys are always happy when we break out the paints and paintbrushes.  The instructions were very easy to follow and our results were so darn cute.

After they drew the reindeer, we outlined them with oil pastels and used watercolors to paint the background.  We used tempera paint to paint in their noses and scarves.  Once dry we finished by painting the reindeer in brown watercolors. 

adding our background colors

Drawing the reindeer

Reindeer-- 1/2 way through

completed reindeer portraits

It was such a fun and festive day of learning!

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