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Photos of the Week: July 31st

 I had so much fun with the photo prompts this week!  I didn't have much of an idea for any of them but they all seemed to just fall into place as the week progressed.  – pieces -- I found a bag of Reece's Pieces in the cabinet and enjoyed a late afternoon snack. – tied - A bunch of my old bracelets were falling apart so I restrung and tied them then held the knots in place together with jewelry cement; now they're good as new! – scented --  I went to Yankee Candle and walked out with a new scented candle.  – grid -- We hired a contractor to lay out the ceiling grid on our newly finished off basement. – your choice Linking up with:

Friday Favorites: Bye Bye July!

 We had a pretty good week despite a few rainy days and the hazy mist from the fires out west (I have been thinking of everyone that has been affected by these fires all week!).  We had a mix of cooler days that were great for hiking and warmer days that were good for swimming.   We had another beautiful sunny and mild day on Friday so when one of my girlfriends suggested meeting up to go hiking we quickly agreed! We hiked for an hour (where I took all of one photo!) and had a great time catching up.  We then ate a picnic lunch with all the boys (my 3 plus her 2) and compared weird eating habits and food aversions.   We headed out to get ice cream at a totally new to us place.  They make their own homemade ice cream and it was so hard to pick what flavor to try. I finally settled on Black Angus-- a black chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and strawberry swirls.  It was delicious (if you like dark chocolate; which I do).  We have been working so hard on our basement and seeing it

Monthly Musings; July 2021

 It's the last Thursday of the month and time to link up with Holly and Patty for their Monthly Musings.  This month we're talking all about summer fashion. 1. Bikini, tankini, or one piece? I actually own all three; so far this summer I have mostly been wearing my bikini's and tankinis since I like the ease of having two pieces.  This 2 piece from Shein: 2. Best swimsuit you ever owned? I'm not sure I have a favorite; I don't really like wearing bathing suits.   3. White jeans-- yes or no? I have a pair or two and do wear them occasionally. 4. Favorite pair of flip flops? OH boy; I am not sure I could pick just one pair!  I do love my Clark's though and my Sketchers On the Go.  These latest flower ones my mother in law bought me for my birthday are adorable! 5. Must have summer accessory? Sunglasses.  My eyes are really sensitive to light and I need the sunglasses to stop my eyes from watering and hurting. 6. Favorite summer fashion staple? This year I have bee