Homeschooling and Our Health

I was reminded of another reason to be grateful that my family has embarked on this homeschooling journey.

My sons went for a check- up with their doctor yesterday.  Just a routine physical.  During the course of their physicals I discovered that if  they had continued in public school this year they would have needed to get a 2- set series of shots for a HepB vaccination that the APA doesn't recommend for children.

I am not against immunizations by any means but I would be a bit concerned about giving my kids an extra vaccine not even recommended by doctors just because the state/ school decided they should be given.

Now, in the grand scheme of things this isn't really a huge deal one way or another, unless you have a child (or two or three) who are petrified of shots!

Or unless you have a child or two who are prone to reactions from immunizations.

Once I realized it was the public schools that require the vaccine I declined to have them vaccinated with the full support of our doctor.

As I was leaving the office I thought back to all the times that I had been told over the last few years that the doctor didn't think whatever my child had at the time warranted an antibiotic but would be given one anyway so they could go back to school.

Pink eye comes to mind on this one-- I once had a doctor tell me that the medicine they prescribe for pink eye most likely would not even help my son to keep his pink eye from spreading or help it clear up any faster.

He went on to tell me that most cases of pink eye are viral but that all schools require treatment!

I'm not sure when we started schools dictate medical treatment but I have noticed this more and more as my kids older.

 I was relieved to think that wouldn't be happening anymore.

I'm all for giving my kids medicine if the Doctor thinks it will help but those RARE times they prescribed something dictated by our schools really irked me and I was relieved to know that would not be the case anymore.

There are other health benefits to homeschooling too:

  • I also wouldn't have to stress about every illness with each child and try to arrange alternate means of dropping- off and picking- up their siblings or feel bad they were missing out on "something fun" at school.  
  • We have the time to heal and let a virus run it's course.  
  • We don't have to run to the doctor at the first sign of an illness hoping to keep the missed school days to a minimum.  
  • We don't have tons of make up work to catch up when they're feeling better and we don't have to worry about getting doctor's notes for those days they were to sick to go to school. 
  • We are not locked up in a building and can spend lots of time outside in getting fresh air.
  • We are exposed to less germs!
  • My kids are less likely to get head lice.
  • Less stress and more time to play. 

I had no idea there were so many health benefits to homeschooling before we actually started homeschooling!

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  1. Very good points! I appreciate your post... and these are things we have also found true in our home.

    1. Thanks! It was such an unexpected bonus! It's not like we never get sick or never need to go to the doctor's office but it sure does seem like we are healthier overall and I love that I can really talk to the doctors and we can decide what is best regardless of what the schools might think.


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