Gym day!

We planned a fun field trip to Zoinks today!

It is fairly new to our area and the boys just love it.  It's a huge indoor inflatable play area and they were having open play times today, for $10 per child for an hour and 20 min of fun, running, jumping and exercise.

What a great fun "gym" day!

We got to Zoinks! and found the place to be rather deserted.  My boys didn't mind at all, they got right to jumping and laughing.

 My boys dragged me out onto the trampolines and I decided what the heck?  Part of the reason I want to homeschool is to spend more time with my boys making memories and what do you think they'd remember more; me sitting on the side taking pictures or me making a fool of myself jumping on the trampoline, laughing and falling right along with them?  I figured the exercise would do me good anyway, and boy was I right.

They made up games and we had races and contests.  I'm not ashamed to admit they beat me fair and square.  They are quick and agile.  My calves were killing me by the end of the hour and all 4 of us were sweaty but very happy.



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